Social involvement

It is important to Serneke to give something back to our society. We do this by involving ourselves in sponsorships. We hope that this will lead to a better society while creating new meeting places which bolsters our relationships with both clients and employees.

Serneke sees great value in the social responsibility that the world of sports contribute, and wishes to actively contribute to the work of these clubs through sponsorship.

Contribution to a better society through active engagement.

Social engagement
Diversity and youth

Our guidelines
- Serneke does not think that limiting our sponsorship to only one club or sport is consistent with our vision, and instead we hope to reach more parts of society by spreading our contributions.
- Sports entail competition on the pitch, however, we have never seen clubs competing for our sponsorship and we reserve the right to help those that we think will benefit from the money the most, based on our vision of Serneke as contributing to the positive impact that sport has on society.
- Sponsorship activities must comply with Serneke's values, ethics, morals and environmental work. We actively oppose all forms of racism and discrimination.
-Building something takes time, this is something that Serneke bears in mind and therefore, we invest in long-term relationships.